Pupil internship in Ingolstadt

The perfect start to your career at Audi – with an internship for apprenticeships or engineering jobs.

Pupil internships for apprenticeships


Automation and IT occupations

IT specialist for application development*

As an IT specialist for application development, you customize complex IT systems to individual user requirements. You develop and program application-specific software, optimize existing applications, and improve graphical user interfaces. You also train the users and get an insight into many areas of Audi IT.

IT specialist for data and process analysis

Companies are processing and storing more and more data. The complex processes associated with this mean extensive support is required here. As an IT specialist for data and process analysis, you will be specially trained to analyze and optimize important data and processes. Analytical, statistical and mathematical methods and models are used for this purpose – along with programming languages and other specific IT tools.

IT specialist for digital networking*

IT specialists for digital networking can expect demanding tasks, such as controlling modern machines and systems in factories via computers, networking vehicles, monitoring complex interfaces to production, and planning and implementing cross-production network environments. Therefore, in addition to your IT specialist training, you will also be trained to be a qualified electrical specialist.

Mechatronics technician

The apprenticeship to become a mechatronics technician combines the focal points of electrical engineering, mechanics and automation. In addition, there is also the possibility to acquire an additional qualification "Additive manufacturing, 3D printing" or "Digital networking, e.g. programming Arduino”. Your skills and knowledge will be broadened during your training period in the company reassignment.

Management assistant for digitalization management*

As a management assistant in digitalization management you play the role of an interface between the IT department and the business department and develop user-friendly, optimal IT solutions – with the best cost-benefit analysis. You manage the digitalization of business processes and implement them in the operative area.

Vehicle-related jobs

Vehicle paint technician

As a vehicle paint technican, you play a decisive role in creating the perfect look. Your care and precision in the various work steps in our state-of-the-art paint shop right up to the finished paint surface make the difference between a good and a perfect premium paint job.

Body and vehicle construction mechanic specialized in body and vehicle construction technology

As a body and vehicle construction mechanic, you build the bodies that give an Audi its incomparable design, using modern materials such as high-strength steels, aluminum or carbon. You will also learn the basics of vehicle technology.

Automotive mechatronics technician

During your training as an automotive mechatronics technician in the field of system and high-voltage technology, you will gain a deep insight into the vehicle technology of our vehicles. You will professionally dismantle, assemble, and commission vehicle systems and assemblies. You will learn how to diagnose faults or malfunctions in the vehicle and acquire the practical skills to repair them.

Manufacturing process jobs

Warehouse logistics specialist

Logistics is Audi's organization that provides all materials for production as well as customers. As a specialist for warehouse logistics, you are part of these processes and will learn the logistical basics. The main tasks are storage and retrieval, commissioning, transporting, packing, and shipping of goods.

Production mechanic

As a production mechanic, one of your tasks will be producing our Audi models according to the wishes of our customers. Our customers value vehicles that are equipped with high-quality and complex technology. Therefore, we need qualified employees who can safely install this technology in our cars.

Tool mechanic

As a tool mechanic you produce high-quality tools, check and repair them if they are defective. After all, a good and precise tool is the basis for the quality of our vehicles.

Further apprenticeships

System catering specialist

As a specialist for system catering, you will organize work processes in different catering areas, support marketing measures and professionally fulfill customer's desires. For instance, you will work in food preparation, food distribution, in the canteen kitchen or in the internal self-service markets.

Office management assistant

As an office management assistant, you will acquire comprehensive qualifications for handling complex office and business processes. You plan events, take over appointment management, and organize business trips for managers and employees. Furthermore, correspondence with external and internal partners, partly in English, is an integral part of your work.

Plant firefighter

As part of your training, you will receive compact training in woodworking, metalworking, and electrical engineering as well as in sanitary, heating, and air conditioning technology. You will acquire knowledge in preventive and active fire protection as well as technical assistance.

*Offer for 9th grade pupils studying for the intermediate school leaving certificate, Abitur or vocational Abitur.

Your application for a pupil internship for apprenticeships

Apply now for your desired internship. We expect to be able to offer the student internship again from April 04, 2022, in compliance with the currently applicable regulations and protective measures.

Pupil internships for engineering jobs

On the engineering internship you will get the opportunity twice a year to get to know different company departments as part of guided tours and lectures. Here you can get a feel for departments such as Technical Development, our Design Centre, Logistics and many more.

Your application for a pupils internship for engineering jobs

As a result of the precautionary safety measures in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are unfortunately unable to offer any pupil internships for engineering jobs in Ingolstadt in 2021. Thank you for your understanding.

Any questions regarding your application?

How long does a pupil internship last?

For all industrial-technical jobs the internship lasts one week. The exceptions are internships for management assistants in digitisation management and office management assistants. These last two days.

When choosing my pupil internship, must I take into account which school-leaving qualification I’m studying for?

In choosing your pupil internship you should consider the school-leaving certificate you will later provide for your apprenticeship. In general, the Mittelschule school leaving certificate (qualifizierende Mittelschulabschluss) is required for all apprenticeships; for some jobs you will also need the intermediate school leaving certificate (mittlere Bildungsabschluss).

What are my working hours during the internship?

Here we differentiate between the two vocational directions:

  • Industrial-technical jobs: 08.00 – 14.00 hours
  • Commercial jobs: 08.00 – 15.00 hours

I’ve already completed one pupil internship at Audi. Can I do a second internship?

We’re sorry, but it isn’t possible to do several pupil internships as we want to give as many pupils as possible the chance to complete an internship with us.

Further FAQ´s are available here


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