Consistently connected: Audi introduces functions on demand

Audi customers value flexibility – even after purchasing a car. Audi is now providing its customers with functions on demand, an option that enables them to book selected functions in eight model series after they have bought their car. Other models will follow.

02/23/2021 Reading Time: 4 min

Key Facts

  • Rollout of functions on demand starts in Europe
  • Available in Audi e-tron models, the revised A4, A5, Q5 and Q7 and the A6, A7 and Q8 models 
  • Available functions from the areas of lighting, infotainment and assist systems
  • Expansion of digital business models as part of the “consistently Audi” strategy

Audi e-tron Sportback: Power consumption, combined*: 24–20.9 kWh/100km (NEDC); 25.9–21.1 kWh/100km (WLTP)CO₂ emissions, combined*: 0 g/km

Audi e-tron Sportback: Power consumption, combined*: 24–20.9 kWh/100km (NEDC); 25.9–21.1 kWh/100km (WLTP)CO₂ emissions, combined*: 0 g/km

Functions on demand: functions even after the car has been bought

Audi is continuously expanding its connected car portfolio in all its models as an important part of its new digital business models. With functions on demand, customers can now adapt a car from a range of different models to meet their own needs. This feature is now available for the fully electric e-tron models and the revised A4, A5, Q5, and Q7. Functions on demand is also available in the A6, A7, and Q8 models. The rollout is currently under way in Europe.

Lighting, infotainment, assist systems – over the air

With functions on demand, Audi drivers can select the desired functions, have them activated and use them. Currently, the service allows post-purchase booking of lighting, driver assistance and infotainment functions.

Each function can be tested initially for one month for a small fee. Afterward, myAudi offers a variety of booking periods. Once a function is purchased, Audi uses myAudi to transmit an activation code over the air directly to the vehicle backend, where the function is activated within seconds for the selected term. The new service is available as soon as the vehicle is started again.

Overview of the functions*

functions on demand - overview
* Available features may vary from model to model. Please login at myAudi to check availability for your Audi.

Initial launch results show potential

“Our customers are free to make their own selections and adapt parts of their vehicle’s equipment to meet their needs.”

Elin R. Sinervo, Brand Manager Audi Norway

Functions on demand has been offered in Norway since the end of September 2020: “Our customers are free to make their own selections and adapt parts of their vehicle’s equipment to meet their needs, either temporarily or permanently,” said Elin R. Sinervo, Brand Manager at Audi Norway. 

The biggest-selling functions in Norway have been the matrix LED and the light function packages. For good reason: The ability to switch to matrix LED illumination is a great advantage in Norway during the winter, but not needed during the long days of summer.

Long-term customer loyalty

The new technology enables Audi to address customers after the sale who have not yet purchased any optional equipment. As a result, Audi can generate long-term sales even after the vehicle purchase and strengthen customer loyalty permanently.

To do this, the company invests in advance: The hardware for the functions that can be activated subsequently is installed in all vehicles at the factory and is therefore available throughout their entire life cycle, yet customers pay only for the functions that they ordered when they purchased the vehicle or that they booked later on. At the same time, the number of hardware variants for the vehicles can be reduced significantly and economies of scale in material costs and production can be exploited.

Dealers also have an opportunity to participate in the new business model. They receive a percentage commission for every booking their customers make.

AudiPay: the global payment and invoicing platform for additional digital services

AudiPay is being launched together with functions on demand. Protected by a secure connection with the Group payment service provider VW Payments S.A., customers can now purchase and pay for digital services for their car using their stored credit cards. The plan is to offer other payment services such as PayPal, Klarna, or other local payment functions in the future. In addition to Germany and Norway, customers in roughly 20 other European markets will be able to pay digitally via AudiPay in the near future. Protecting customer data is always our top priority here: AudiPay guarantees security and compliance throughout the entire payment process.


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